Our Packaging

Our cartons are made up of 76% paperboard from certified and sustainably managed plantations to give them their form and strength. On the inside, they comprise thin layers of polyethylene and aluminium foil (poly/al) to keep food safe, seal in liquids and protect the contents from external moisture, oxygen and light without refrigeration. The caps on top are made of plastic, but various bio-degradable plastic are being tested as we speak.

The outer case is also Kraft cardboard to reduce any plastic shrink-wrapping.

The advantage of using paper for packaging is that it is a truly infinite renewable resource. In fact for every 3 trees that are felled to manufacture cartons, another 4 are planted to replace them. Nampak Liquid Cartons check that all their paperboard supplies are responsibly sourced from sustainable forests. In most cases, Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody Certification and similar traceability initiatives are the benchmark. As a result, they can track their cartons to the plantations where the fibre-board originated.

**Water is sold in cases of 24 x 500ml units. Our outer case is made from 100% A/C Kraft corrugated cardboard. 6 packs are not shrink-wrapped



Mpact have built a Multimillion Rand carton recycling plant in Springs to assist with the recycling of these Cartons in particular.

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