Mineral, CBD Infused and Flavoured still water Now Available in a Box!

Mineral, CBD Infused and Flavoured still water Now Available in a Box!

Aquabox 500ml Still Mineral water and 330ml Sugar-Free Flavoured water is boxed at source & sold in paperboard carton boxes. Our main focus is to offer an alternative to water sold in single-use plastic packaging.


CBD Infused Water Now Available!

bpure™ Nano Amplified CBD Water takes CBD molecules through a process using patented NanoTechnology which nanosizes them into tiny particles, close to one millionth of their size (just slightly larger than your DNA). They then encapsulate them in a water cluster and infuse them in perfect still water. This process allows the Nano Sized CBD and Nano Size Nutrients to immediately penetrate your cells, past the blood brain barrier and gives the body immediate 100% bioavailability, giving a NANO AMPLIFIED EFFECT.

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly.
We need millions of people doing it imperfectly!”

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Four reasons why the paperboard carton is an environmentally superior choice.  


The primary raw material for any beverage carton is timber.

The advantage of using paper for packaging is that it is a truly infinite renewable resource. In fact for every 3 trees that are felled to manufacture cartons, another 4 are planted to replace them. Manufactures are checked regularly that all their paperboard supplies are responsibly sourced from sustainable forests. In most cases, Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody Certification and similar traceability initiatives are the benchmark. As a result, they can track their cartons to the plantations where the fibre-board originated


All beverage cartons are 100% recyclable.

Our cartons are made up of 76% paperboard from certified and sustainably managed plantations to give them their form and strength. On the inside, they comprise thin layers of polyethylene and aluminium foil (poly/al) to keep food safe, seal in liquids and protect the contents from external moisture, oxygen and light without refrigeration. The caps on top are made of plastic. 


Lower CO2 footprint & less water consumption than alternatives.

Various independent studies, including full life cycle assessments, show that cartons have a lower CO2 footprint & entail less water consumption than alternatives. And there is continued focus to bring more environmental efficiency to both production and distribution processes. 


Space efficiency, Light Weight.

The rectangular footprint of the carton provides more space efficiency during transport & storage. In addition, the carton is transported prior to filling as a flat pack, further reducing transport costs and environmental impact. There is one undeniable eco-unfriendly aspect of glass bottles — they’re heavy. The transportation of glass bottles requires significantly more energy than their lightweight counterparts. Glass is fragile, too, so they can’t be packed into a truck as tightly cartons can.